Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the quality of Jump3D printed products?

Jump3D products are printed with very high resolution and accuracy, with detail rivaling even mass-produced injection molded products. In fact, many Jump3D products and features would be impossible by traditional manufacturing methods.

What are Jump3D printed products made out of?

Jump3D products are printed in PLA plastic and ABS plastic. Depending on the product you may have an option of material type. ABS is the same kind of plastic used in many mass-produced injection molded products including Legos. PLA is an eco-friendly corn plastic and has a lower melting point.

Are Jump3D printed products durable?

The strength and durabilty of Jump3D printed products varies by product and feature, but is roughly equivalent to everyday plastic products (PLA is a bit more brittle and has a lower melting point than ABS). We are always striving to solve engineering problems with the best designs possible. We encourage our customers to test our products to the extremes and and contribute to product improvements with ideas, feedback & suggestions.

How are Jump3D products manufactured?

Jump3D products are printed with 3D printing technology called fused deposition modeling (FDM). Products are designed, refined and personalized in CAD software and then the 3D objects are prepared for printing and sent to the 3D printers where they are printed, layer by layer, in extraordinarily thin slices by FDM. It's simiar to the way a whole loaf of bread can be constructed by adding a single slice at a time.

How fast will I receive my custom order?

Advances in 3D printing technology allows for immediate production of your custom Jump3D products. Depending on the order queue and your location (and shipping options), you'll receive your order in days, not weeks.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, from 10 to 10,000 pieces... Please contact us for details!